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The Cook Wagon

Here you will find delicious down-home,
 rib-sticking, finger-licking, lip-smacking
good food. 
No calorie counting allowed!
We just say bless this food in Jesus name and dig in!

I cooked for a hunting lodge for several years and a lot of these dishes I have whipped up for hungry hunters who were awful grateful for a the meal that was waiting on them, in fact so grateful I used to get $100.00 tips from them!  At this lodge, I cooked for everyone from backwoods boys to city slickers and they all lapped my cooking up!  Some of these recipes are hand-me-downs and some I've let the imagination flow to come up with.  My family are the guinea pigs that I test them out on.  So have no fear, they've been tried and tested and stamped with approval.