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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Romance of the Prairie

The Prairie... it's part of my roots, it's my past and my future, the silence and the sound, the sky, the wind and the grass. Purple and yellow must be the Lord's favorite colors because that is the colors He paints every wildflower on this endless prairie. The high bald hills, the draws, the creeks, the washes and the wallows are just some of the features that make up this distinct land. Trees, if they survive, are either protected in the valleys or twisted from the wind if they happen to be up on top. And lightning has destroyed quite a few. The hay fields and bottom lands of the eastern end of the prairie are my first love because that was where I roamed with my grandpa as a little girl and was the site of my mom's, Pond Creek home. We've hunted the whitetail deer, rio grande turkey, quail and squirrel. Fished for crappie, perch and bass. Looked the gravel bars and plowed fields for arrowheads left behind by generations of the redman. This land is in my blood and is my God-given destiny....it is my Promised ....Prairie ....Land.