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Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Welcome Trade-Ins

If you are short on space but still like to get new goodies for your home, we offer a great solution to that problem.  Bring your old treasures in and take new treasures home.  When you bring your items in we will assess a value to the items and then you shop for anything in the store that suits your fancy.  We like to complete the transaction the same day and not do any holdover store credit if it all possible.  It's a win win situation.  If you would like to send us pictures to look items over first you can do so by emailing us at thressamerriman@att.net.  Trade-ins are applied to regular prices of our items, sorry no deals or sales apply on these transactions. 

Medley of Merchandise

Items in Stock Now

Vintage Country Chic Yellow Kitchen Hutch with Red Rooster Pulls, $325.00, sold!

Vintage Tooled Design Western Saddle, 16" Seat, $250.00

15" Round Blue & White Oriental Pattern Chargers, $35.00 each
1930's Cast Aluminum Guardian Oven Cookware
Roaster w/ lid, $39.95, sold!
2 Round Bakers  w/lids, $35.00 each, sold!
Round Griddle, $20.00
Oval Shallow Pan, $20.00
Round Baker no lid, $20.00

Old Barn Loft Ladder, $250.00

Native American Made (?) Wooden Spoon with Hook on End, $100.00

Polaroid 850 Electric Eye Land Camera, $45.00 - Polaroid J66 Land Camera, $45.00-Bell & Howell Two Twenty 8mm, $35.00 - 2 Argus Cintar 50mm Cameras, $35.00 each - Ansco Cadet III, $5.00 and a Misc. Flash, $5.00

Court Transcript from a 1950's Cattle Rustling Crime in Osage Co. Oklahoma, $100.00

Vintage Native American Beaded Band,  
2 1/4" x 12",  $50.00, sold!

Extra Nice Roll Desk, $250.00, sold!

Farmhouse Style Open-Top Cupboard,
 $135.00, sold!

Extra Large Early 1900's Black Mercantile Cabinet, 7'1/2"high x 8' long, $500.00 sold!

1960's Mod Plaid Train Case, $20.00, sold!

Elegant Lead Crystal Glassware, Various Prices

Western Leather Vest
with Silver Concho Details, XL
By Sundance Catalog Co. $35.00

 Blue Spongeware Roseville Pottery
Bean Pot, $35.00, sold! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Love Story Of The Ages

The world is looking for love in all the wrong places (just like the country song).  There is a God-sized hole that people are trying to fill with everything:  with another person, drugs, alcohol, possessions, religion, etc.
This hole was placed inside every person.  It is a hole that only one Person can fill.  A Person so lovely, so real, so true, so perfect.  This Person is Jesus Christ.  Jesus went willingly to the cross for us to purchace redemption with His blood.  His blood brought us back into right standing with the Father.  Man had been separated from the Father since Adam's fall in the Garden.  But there was another garden where the second adam was obedient to God.  Where he started his journey to the cross.  Jesus shed blood seven different ways to pay for everything we need.   He sweat drops of blood to redeem us from the curse that had been placed on Adam to have to labor by the sweat of his brow.  He received stripes on His back for our healing, one for every category of disease known to man.  A crown of thorns was placed on His head for our peace of mind.  He gave His face to the smiters for our beauty & appearance.  His hands were pierced with nails for our work.  His feet were pierced with nails for our walk.  And the culmination was when His side was pierced.  The spear went into the heart sack and out came water and blood.  This was for his bride.  Just like Eve was taken out of Adam's side.  So we were taken out of Jesus side.  It says for husbands to love your wives like Christ loved the Church and died and gave Himself for it.  There is no greater Love than this.  This is a Love that is beyond comprehension.  Besides our relationship with Him, Jesus also paid the way for us to have Godly relationships with each other, marriages, family, friends, coworkers.  Jesus took every sin upon Himself, every disease he bore it in His body.  He took all the punishment for you and I.  Every world religion says do, do, do.  Jesus said, "It is done" on the cross.  He even gives us the faith to believe Him.  We can take no glory for any of it.  Thank God none of it is on us.  We can rest in His perfect work. 

Jesus laid His life down, Spirit, soul & body for His beloved.  Knowing the Father would resurrect Him.  For the joy that was set before Him, He endured the Cross and despised the shame.  His Body was broken and His Blood was shed to give us oneness with Him and the Father.  For victory in this life and eternal life hereafter.  He is seated at the right hand of the Father where He ever liveth to make intercession for us.  Praise God!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Picking on the Prairie

A week ago we got to go picking at an old house and barn in northern osage county.  What fun!  Some cool finds were an old barn loft ladder that my niece and I beat and pryed on forever trying to get it down.  We finally got some muscle on it when my dad came along and helped us.  Two tugs and he had it down.  Thank God!  Come hell or high water we were going to get it!  We also got some neat old rustic barn doors.  From the varmint infested house and outbuildings we salvaged an antique dresser, old books, glassware, old primitive benches, canning jars and lots of goodies.  Take a look at all these neat finds.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Come Be Inspired!

Our shop is a unique shopping experience: Not your typical, stale antique mall. When we started out we rented some booth spaces and did some consignments, but that set up didn't really fit our outlook. So we were able to stock the whole store ourselves eventually. You won't find little bitty cubicles with things that never get changed and collect an inch of dust. Instead you will love your shopping experience, things creatively arranged according to theme, color or style. Hopefully the arrangements will help you visualize how they would look in your home. Because that's where we want for them to end up, hah, hah! We have a very fast turnover, and add new items almost daily so things are never old and boring. So come and discover all you have been searching for.......

My Store: Promise Land Antique Mall

We are located at 721 Kihekah Ave. in historic downtown Pawhuska, Ok. Home of the Cowboy, Indian & Oilman - Which makes for some pretty interesting history, for sure!

My family and I opened our store in February 2004, so we are into our 7th year now, a year of rest in the bible and that's for sure what it feels like we are in. Almost exactly to the day when we started into our 7th year, we saw our store sales rocket & our inventory is bulging at the seams! We give all the glory to the Lord. The Lord led us into this venture and he is prospering us. We could write a book on the lessons Jesus has taught us in these past 6 years. How to trust God for daily bread, trust Him when you gets things shoplifted, bad checks, trust him for all the bills (even when they are stacking up 10 feet high!) and trust Him to keep stuff on the shelves. All of it from a to z. There hasn't been one thing we haven't had to trust Him with. Even having to trust him to have enough change for the register and for bags to sack up merchandise with. God gets down to the nitty-gritty, hah, hah.

We are open Wednesday through Saturday 11-5 or by appointment on Sundays

You can reach us anytime by calling:
(918)287-9120 - shop
(918)287-0011 - home
(918)440-0873 - cell

or email us at thressamerriman@att.net