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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parfait Pink Painted Furniture

Come in and see our sweet parfait pink painted furniture...

These pieces would make a perfect Christmas gift for that special little girl!

Available items are:  Cedar lined toy chest, a heart cut-out seating bench, a shabby chic side table, a distressed bench, a heart wall shelf, a vanity stool, a 3-drawer chest of drawers, a rocky horse and a doll high chair.

Christmas in the Promise Land

We have a large selection of beautifully decorated Christmas trees, arrangements and wreaths ready to add that special touch to your home for this joyous season.  Styles range from traditional, Americana, Western ,Cottage and Retro.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My sister, nieces and I enjoyed a day
in the woods, we hunted for arrowheads, found fossils, had a little excitement when we saw a feral hog and 2 little snakes, crawled up muddy creek banks, explored and snapped pictures of God's great outdoors!

Old concrete Cowboy Dipping Vats used to dip cattle in an arsenic solution to stop "Texas Tick Fever"
 Cattle had to be dipped before going across the Kansas border to the cow town railheads

Milky green creek

Row of stone bluffs

A natural throne in the stone bluffs, can't you see an
indian chief from yesteryear sitting here?

Native Americans also made wide use of horsetail for food and medicine. It was also used as a diuretic & to relieve abdominal pain, and boiled it to make cough medicine for horses. .
Indians and pioneers alike ate the young horsetail shoots raw or cooked, like asparagus. They also drank a diuretic tea brewed from horsetail, and made green dyes for lodges and clothing.
The rough silica crystals made dried horsetail a favorite tool for scouring and polishing. Settlers gathered bundles of horsetail and used them to scour floors and polish metal, especially pewter. Some Native Americans still use horsetail to polish ceremonial pipes, as well as bows and arrows. Indian children even made whistles from the hollow horsetail stems -- a use that was echoed by early Europeans.

An arrowhead my niece found

Josie & Jennie, my sweet nieces

My sis, Carmon & her girls

Mule Ear Cactus

Buckbrush berries, the deer love these!

A White Oak with beautiful fall color

My little niece loves this arrowhead hunting

Josie, my niece, brought her rifle along, you never know when you'll need it with wild hogs, cats and coyotes in these woods!

Small Prehistoric Fossils

A funny looking small mound with fossils all over it

Absolutely Beautiful!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful land
and getting to spend time with my family!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Huge Sale Now through January 1st!

Now through January 1st we are having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale. 
We have lots of new items coming in and need
to make room!
Do your Christmas shopping here for some
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We are open for sure Wed. thru Sat. 11-4 and maybe other times too if you catch us there or by making an appointment.